CELESTIAL (Kickstarter) – a teacher’s view

Posted by Paul Joyce Category: PKJMusic Blog

During the course of my ‘live’ broadcast on Kickstarter recently, a teacher who has backed CELESTIAL posted the following message:

“I wanted to pass on the reason why I have backed you and would like to see your project succeed. Johnnie’s poems need to be heard by a wider audience – for teachers of dyspraxic and dyslexic students and for parents too to show the promise of these students. They are a glimpse into the mind of a child with dyspraxia and show how their mind works. The poetry can teach us a lot.” JM

These words have been very well received. Please share them if you can and the project itself: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1696710068/celestial-4

As of 10th July 2017, CELESTIAL is 21% funded which is a remarkable achievement. Thank you for your support.