Land Mine (Tickled Pink)

Clay (BBC Film) Starring Imelda Staunton

The Snow Queen (BBC Film) Starring Juliet Stevenson and Patrick Stewart

The Worst Witch (ITV) RTS/BAFTA nominated

Knight School (ITV) RTS nominated

Mud (BBC) starring Russell Tovey

Coping with… (Ch4) BAFTA award winner

Outside (feature film) executive producer – script completed

Landmine (Tickled Pink) Award-winning short film

Animation series:

Bob The Builder + specials (BBC) BAFTA award winner

Noddy (BBC)

Budgie The Little Helicopter (ITV)

Philbert The Frog (BBC)

Coconuts (ITV) Narrated by Richard Briers

Toby’s Travelling Circus (Ch5)

TV Series:

Conspiracy (CH5)

South Of The River (CH4)

Knight School (ITV)

Fimbles (BBC)

Smile (BBC)

Diggit (ITV/Disney)

Wake Up In The Wild Room (ITV/Disney)

Parallel 9 (BBC)

Wolf It (ITV)



The Snow Queen ‘live’ (Barbican Hall, Cadogan Hall)

Frankenstein – The Creation (Theatre)

Quatermass And The Pit (Outdoor hypertheatre)

The Shining Signing Star (Nativity play) signing and singing

No Going Back (Calstock Jazz festival)

Celestial (‘Live’) Port Eliot Festival, Cornwall and Metronome, Nottingham


The Snow Queen (Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Juliet Stevenson) album

Time (Steve Howe) album

The Quest (Yes) album

Mirror To The Sky (Yes) album

Jamie (Sense) single

Can We Fix It (Bob the Builder) single and album

Frankenstein – The Creation (Soundtrack) album

Q – Live From a Quarry (Soundtrack) album

No Lucky Days (Webster Wraight Ensemble) album

Bob The Builder Orchestral Suite (Paul K Joyce) arrangement of the animation theme.


Ivor Novello – best selling UK single of 2000