Dreams can come true

Posted by Paul Joyce Category: PKJMusic Blog

Freelance careers are strange things, and maybe those in the music business are stranger still. I say this as I’ve just had the most wonderful and unexpected experience. Since I was 14, I’ve really enjoyed the music of UK progressive rock band, YES. So to be asked to add orchestrations to their forthcoming album was indeed, a dream come true. Steve Howe is producing and my earlier orchestral work on his 2012 TIME album seems to have paved the way for this new collaboration. I prepared a full score and parts for the 47-piece band and recording took place remotely in Skopje, Macedonia. The FAMES orchestra with Oleg Kondratenko conducting made a wonderful sound and the subsequent mixes have met with approval. It wasn’t without risk. For the players to sight read your score, it must be of a sufficiently high standard to be legible and not open to queries and doubt, which can undermine the performance. Fortunately it all went well on this session. I am now keen to repeat the experience. I shall start saving now!

Until the next time, wishing you good health.